Artifact Small prybar tools with bottle opener cutouts and integral screwdrivers had been the exclusive domain of Peter Atwood prior to the Gerber Artifact. Combining stainless steel construction with a folding razor knife that locks open, all for a MSRP of less than $15, the Artifact will expose this type of multitool to a large number of folks who were previously unable to afford the pricey Atwood offerings

knife locked open
knife folded
phillips screwdriver


Frame is a one piece stainless steel investment casting. Finish is black titanium nitride. GERBER and ARTIFACT are deeply cast into one face.


  • Blade is a #11 hobby razor knife. It is designed to be opened with one hand. A standard liner lock mechanism locks the blade open. Razor knife is easily replacable.

Locking Mechanism

The liner lock is a piece of spring steel, with a small ball bearing for smooth operation.

Other Features

A number of features are cast integral into the frame:
  • Prybar
    • Bent upwards on a 20 degree angle
    • V-notch suitable for pulling nails
    • Taper grind on end makes it marginally suitable for driving slotted screws
  • Bottle opener notch
  • Lanyard attachment loop
  • Phillips screwdriver




  • Length, knife closed = 3.65" (91mm)
  • Length, knife open = 4.85" (125mm)
  • Thickness = .25" (7mm)
  • Weight = 1.5 oz (44g)


The Shard is a smaller, knifeless version of the Artifact.

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