Bear Jaws 155 Variations

There are a large number of variations to the original Bear Jaws tool. These variations basically fall into three categories. Manufacturing Variations; that occured through the years as the manufacturing process changed. Related Bear Models; a number of which were based on the original model 155. Rebrands; nearly identical tools produced by Bear for other companies.
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Manufacturing Variations
Bear Jaws 155 variations
Plier Jaws
Bear Jaws 155 variations
Plier Pivots
Bear Jaws 155 variations
Bear Jaws 155 variations

  • Jaws
    • Early models have needlenose jaws that are quite narrow and pointy. Later models have a more blunt profile to their jaws.

  • Plier Pivots
    • Pivots on early models have a center post with flats, and BEAR JAWS USA cast in. Later models have full round pivots with no cast logo.

  • Bolsters
    • Earlys have plier pivot bolsters welded on the outside of handles then polished smooth. Later bolsters were trapped on the inside of the handles.

  • Backsprings
    • patent pending was originally stamped on the backsprings. Later on the full US Patent numbers were stamped on. Backsprings on 155L locking models have a hole through them in order to allow easier flexing.

  • Bear Jaws 155L
    • A locking version of the Bear Jaws was introduced at the 2001 Shot Show. It incorporates an L-shaped tab on each backspring that engages a notch in the blades. (method first seen on the Leatherman Super Tool)
    • Depressing a lever in the blade set releases the locked blade. Early levers were blank, later they were stamped with "depress here to unlock components"
    • The blade can also be released by opening a neighboring blade part way.

  • Color Variations
    • Handles were colored with a crinkle finish powder coat paint. No other portion of the tool was colored.
    • Black, blue, green, and red models were available.
Bear Jaws 155L, blue finish.jpg Bear Jaws 155, green finish.jpg Bear Jaws 155, red finish.jpg
Blue 155L
Green 155
Red 155

  • Bear Jaws 155LN
    • The LN model is simply a Locking Bear Jaws with an ordinary set of fingernail clippers attached. (Locking Nailclippers)
    • Clippers were attached by fitting the head of the clipper's pivot pin through a notch cut in one handle of the Bear Jaws. A bent piece of metal held down by the blade torx screw stabilized the other end of the clipper.
Bear Jaws 155LN Bear Jaws 155LN
Bear Jaws 155LN

  • Bear Jaws Sportsman 155SM
    • The Sportsman model differed only in its blade selection:
      • Partially serrated knife blade instead of plain edge
      • Small flathead screwdriver instead of serrated sheepsfoot blade
      • Saw blade instead of file
    • The word SPORTSMAN was stamped into both handles


In addition to tools sold with the Bear logo, the company also produced and rebranded tools for a number of other firms. Following is a partial list: (Unique characteristics are mentioned)
Sears Craftsman 45521.jpg
Sears Craftsman
Moore Maker Needle Nose Plier (Bear).jpg
Moore Maker
Nicholson MultiMax Pro NMP14V.jpg
LL Bean (Bear Jaws) 155L, gold finish.jpg
LL Bean

  • Crescent ToolZall Pro
    • ToolZall PRO is stamped on one handle in large font. MADE IN USA is stamped on the other.

  • Sears Craftsman 45521
    • CRAFTSMAN is stamped in large font on one handle. 45521 and USA is on the other.
    • A sharp awl blade has replaced the serrated sheepsfoot knife blade.
    • Seen in both non-locking and locking variations.

  • Moore Maker
    • Moore Maker logo on one handle

  • Nicholson MultiMax Pro
    • Model number NMP14V
    • NICHOLSON is stamped on one handle in large font. MULTIMAX PRO is stamped on the other.

  • LL Bean
    • Titanium nitride (TiN) gold finish.
    • L.L. Bean stamped in one handle.

  • promotional model
    • One side of both handles left completely blank (no logo, no inch scale) allowing space for etching.
    • Review of Hard Hat model - at

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