Leatherman Blast.jpg The Leatherman Blast was introduced in 2004, along with the Fuse and Kick at a time when many changes were happening at Leatherman. Many tools of the old line were discontinued that same year to make way for a new group of tools. Some tools like the Wave received an upgrade and became the New Wave, the Charge series was first introduced and a tool of a different sort, the Zytel line. These tools had stainless steel handles but had the addition of a Zytel (very durable type of plastic) insert for comfort. This move showed to some that Leatherman was trying to move forward with new innovations. Others simply did not like the new tools because of the Zytel but ultimately these tools were successful in their 8 year run being discontinued in 2012.

Blast Variations
Design Change
Blast Variations
Different push lock tabs
Blast Variations
The move to a larger lock pivot pin
Leatherman Blast, black finish.jpg
Black Oxide
Leatherman Blast, cap crimper.jpg
Stainless Steel with Cap Crimper
Leatherman Blast, black oxide, cap crimper.jpg
Black Oxide with Cap Crimper
Blast Variations
A FIle Change
Blast Variations
A File Change


  • Third major iteration of the Leatherman plier head. It was the strongest plier head built at the time for the 4 inch tool range. Still in use on some tools to this day. Leatherman is stamped in the head on both sides.


  • Stainless steel handles with Zytel handle inserts for comfort.

Blades and Tools

1. Ruler (8 in | 19 cm)
2. 420HC Plain Edge Knife Blade
3. Eyeglass Screwdriver (small double ended bit)
4 . Hard-wire Cutters
5. Large Screwdriver
6. Needlenose Pliers
7. Phillips Screwdriver
8. Regular Pliers
9. Spring-action Scissors
10. Small Screwdriver
11. Wire Cutters
12. Wire Stripper
13. Wood/Metal File
14. Wood saw
15. Can Opener
16. Bottle Opener
17. Lanyard Ring

Blade Characteristics

Inside accessible tools. All locking with a bead blade finish.

Locking Mechanism

The Blast has a push button lock system.


  • The Blast came with a black leather like sheath with a flap and a snap with the Leatherman symbol was stamped toward the bottom in yellow. There was also a black pancake sheath with Velcro closure.


  • Length open = 6.22 inches/15.8cm
  • Length closed = 4 inches/10 cm
  • Width closed = 1.13 inch/3 cm
  • Thickness = 0.65 inch /1.6 cm
  • Weight = 9 oz./240 grams


In 2009 Leatherman made the push lock system stronger and beefier, they added a cutout on each side of the handle to allow for a bigger push tab. They also used bigger pin stock for the lock pivot.


  • There is the stainless steel version, the black oxide version (each of those also came in a cap crimper version) and a camo version of the tool. The Blast also came in a gift tin along with a carabiner Leatherman clip watch.


Introduced in 2004. Made in the USA. Discontinued in 2012.
There are two other 4 inch tools in the Zytel line with the Blast, The Fuse and the Kick. There is a larger 4 and a half inch tool in the Zytel line the Core. With the knurled screw fasteners it has it shows a relation to the older Leatherman line as well, like the PST, PST II, Flair, Mini-Tool and several more. The Blast was introduced by Leatherman as a replacement for all the models that they discontinued in 2004 along with the other two 4 inch tools in the Zytel line. The Rebar was considered this tool and this lines replacement.

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