Camoflage Juice Tools

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Brown Camo S2
Green Camo S2


Shortly after the introduction of the Juice line in 2001, Zen Imports Pty. Ltd, the Leatherman distributor for Australia, announced that the were going to offer some versions unique to that market. These were to be Leatherman Juice C2™s, S2™s and Kf4™s in two camouflage patterns; green and brown.

It appears that both the green and brown versions of the S2 and the KF4 were released in small numbers in that market. While it is difficult to confirm, information from several sellers in Australia and from Leatherman suggest that the C2 camouflage models were never released. Additionally, Leatherman marketing people said that the total quantity of the camouflage S2 and KF4 Juices was rather small.

As of this writing in 2008, if you go to Zen™s webpage,, you will find these still listed. Back in the 2003 “ 2004 time periods, the camouflage S2 and KF4 Juices would show up occasionally on EBay. Interestingly enough, both the brown and the green camouflage versions of the S2 and KF4 are pictured on their respective pages of this website. The camouflage C2™s, while mentioned in the text of the Juice C2 page, are not pictured. This may be another indication that these were not produced.

All examples seen to this point have 2002 date codes. As might be expected, all have TOOL rather than USA on the plier head.

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Brown Camo KF4
Green Camo KF4

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