Core Introduced along with the Surge in 2005, the Core occupies the large end of the Leatherman multitool line-up. And while it has the same number of blades as the Super Tool and Super Tool 200 which it replaced, the Core is both thicker and heavier than its predecessors. The Core was then replaced by the Super Tool 300 when it was retired in 2009.

compared to Blast
Blast (top), Core (bottom)
serrated blade
depress rocker switch to release lock
hollow ground screwdrivers
black oxide finish, cap crimper
Nato Issue Core
NATO serial number
Tools Fanned

Plier Jaws

  • A new plier head was designed especially for the Core and the Surge. It employs the same elliptical pivot area introduced on standard-sized Leatherman's in 2004, but the entire head is scaled larger.
  • In addition, a stranded wire cutter is located on the underside of the pivot.


  • A generous wire cutting area is provided, as well as a hard wire cutting notch.
  • Like the Kick, Fuse, and Blast introduced a year earlier, the Core employs plastic inserts in each handle. Unlike its smaller brethren however, these inserts are not contoured for improved grip comfort. The rolled edges of the stainless steel itself are adequate for that. Instead, the plastic appears to do nothing more than act as a spacer.
  • Ruler increments are stamped into both faces. Inch measurements are on one side of the tool, metric measurements on the other.

Blades and Tools

  • plain edge knife blade, clip point profile, double side grind bevel. Measures 3" long. (75mm)
  • large flathead screwdriver*
  • medium flathead screwdriver*
  • awl (dished cutting edge, and sewing eye) see pic at lower right
  • lanyard ring
  • file, three toothed surfaces
  • serrated knife blade with sheepsfoot profile. Measures 3" long. (75mm)
  • can opener, with V-notch wire stripper
  • #2 phillips screwdriver
  • small flathead screwdriver*
  • saw blade
  • note all three flathead screwdrivers have an excellent hollow-ground profile. See picture at lower right


  • All of the blades lock open. Lock release is via rocker switches on each handle, a feature first seen from Leatherman on the Crunch.


  • A number of different sheath options have been available for the Core:
    • Heavy brown leather, with snap closure. Loop allows vertical carry only.
    • Black nylon, with velcro closure. Vertical or horizontal carry.
    • Black nylon like above, with extra space for Leatherman Removable Bit Driver accessory.
    • Camoflage nylon, with velcro closure and elastic accessory panels. Included with cap crimper version Cores. Also allowed for carrying tool in unfolded position, plier tips downward. See picture at lower right


  • Length open = 7" (177mm)
  • Length closed = 4-1/2" (115mm)
  • Width closed = 1-3/8" (35mm)
  • Thickness = 3/4" (20mm)
  • Weight = 10.2 oz (290g)


  • Stainless steel as introduced in 2005.
  • Black oxide finish first noted in 2006.
  • Black oxide finish, with cap crimper jaws first noted in 2007.
  • Core tools issued to NATO troops have a serial number etched along one handle.


  • Introduced in 2005. Replaced Super Tool 200 in Leatherman line-up. Made in the USA. Discontinued in 2009 and replaced by Supertool 300
  • The Leatherman Surge was introduced at the same time as the Core, and features the same large plier head. It is the predecessor to both the Super Tool and the Super Tool 200. It shares zytel inserts with the Blast, Fuse and the Kick. The Super Tool 300 was its replacement and all the tools (Core included) of the Super Tool line have the same tool loadout.

More Info

Off The Record

  • While casual user's may find its size and weight to be an issue, the Core has found much favor in the professional construction trades. The ruggedness and strength of its construction is a major factor, as well as the blade selection and long reach of the screwdrivers. Another important feature often overlooked is the ease at which the Core's long blades can be accessed, even with cold fingers or with gloves on.
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