Crux, black Based on the successful Suspension platform, the Gerber Crux differs only in the style and geometry of its cast aluminum handles. Introduced in 2007 with three other stablemates (see Related Tools below) the Crux is remarkable only in its similarities to the others.

Crux, light blue
Light Blue finish
Crux, Realtree camo
Realtree Camo finish


Plier jaws on the Crux are spring loaded. They come together and contact each other properly out at the tips. There are fine serrations near the nose, a gripping area below that, and a wire cutter area near the pivot.

Somewhat unusual is the fact that the wire cutters are anvil type, as opposed to the more common bypass type wire cutters on multitools.


Each handle on the Crux is formed from two halves of cast aluminum. (The use of aluminum makes the Crux noticable lighter than the Suspension, with its cast steel handles.) Semicircle cutouts in each handle appear to serve no real purpose. The CRUX logo is cast into one side, with GERBER cast into the other.

The handles are then painted various colors. See Variations below.

Due to a surprising number of spacers between individual knife blades, handles on the Crux are quite thick, a trait some users find undesirable.

Blades and Tools

All blades are outside opening, all blades lock open.
  • plain edge knife blade with thumb stud for one-hand access. Wharnecliffe profile, 2" long (51mm)
  • medium flathead screwdriver
  • flat phillips screwdriver
  • saw blade, with a rather short 2" stroke

  • serrated edge knife blade with thumb stud for one-hand access. Sheepsfoot profile, 2" long (51mm)
  • combination can opener/cap lifter device
  • small flathead screwdriver
  • fold-out lanyard attachment
  • spring loaded scissors

Locking Mechanism

All of the blades and tools lock open securely. Lock release is accomplished by knurled metal slider switches along the sides of both handles.

Other Features

Tabbed washers (a Gerber standard) are located between each blade, preventing blade "clumping."


Molded/woven nylon construction, with velcro closure. Straps on the back allow for both vertical and horizontal carry.


  • Length open= 6" (152mm)
  • Length closed = 3-7/8" (100mm)
  • Width closed = 1-7/8" (48mm)
  • Thickness = 7/8" (22mm)
  • Weight = 7.8 oz (219g)


The Crux as originally introduced had black handles with brushed aluminum highlights.

A variation with light blue handles was also produced, reportedly an exclusive for Target department stores.

Bass Pro Shops sold a Crux variation with Realtree camo painted handles.


Introduced in 2007. Manufactured in China.
Other than having different handle styles, the Crux is virtually identical to the Gerber Suspension, Method, Resolve, and Tread.

In 2008 the Evo? and Ripstop? were added to this list.

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