Days End Fowl Necker Multitool

Days End Fowl Necker Multitool The Fowl Necker was designed specifically for duck and upland game bird hunters. It has a unique set of plier jaws intended for dispatching birds by crushing their necks. An array of four locking blades plays a support role.


Plier jaws on the Fowl Necker are its most unusual feature. They are strong and narrow, ideally suited for their intended task. Overlapping tabs on the end of each jaw, meant to keep birds from wriggling free, also serve to make the pliers useless for almost anything else.


Handles are of stainless sheet metal, folded into a channel. They feature both inch and metric scales on the back side. Small rubber inlays in four places supposedly improve grip. The metal has a bead-blasted matte finish.

Blades and Tools

  • half-serrated clip point knife blade, 2.75" long (70mm)
  • scissors, utilizing a fixed spring bar
  • saw blade
  • gut hook

Locking Mechanism

All of the blades and tools lock open. A folded flap of the handle metal engages a notch in the back of the blade, a method first seen on the Leatherman Super Tool. Release is accomplished by unfolding a neighboring blade halfway.

Other Features



A woven nylon sheath with velcro closure was included.


  • Folded length = 4.5" (114mm)
  • Unfolded length = 7.4" (190mm)
  • Thickness = .75" (19mm)
  • Weight = 6.3 oz (177g)




Unknown. First noticed in 2006.

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