Despite there being only a few multitools that have actually borne the Fiskars logo, the company plays an important role in today's multi-purpose tool market. Starting out as a hardware and implement manufacturer in the small village of Fiskars, near Helsinki, Finland in 1649, the company produced a wide range of iron and steel products over the centuries. Their first pair of scissors, now synonymous with the brand, were produced more than 130 years ago.

Today the largest subsidiary of the Fiskars Corporation is Fiskars Brands, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Among many other well-known companies, knife and tool enthusiasts will recognize several members of the Fiskars family, including Gerber (knives, multitools, outdoor supplies), Winchester (economically priced knives and multitools), Superknife (folding utility knives), Silva (compasses and outdoor supplies), and Brunton (outdoor gear).

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