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ej. navajas abiertas Police Knife The Police Knife uses the swiss-army-knife style layered construction approach. A selection of standard Aitor blades and tools are arranged in a fashion that would appeal to law enforcement and other professionals. The large folding plier makes this device as much a "tool" as a "knife," gaining it entry into the Multitool Encyclopedia.

Police Knife blades
serrated strap cutter
Police Knife blades
combo blade


  • Handle scales are high impact plastic formed over a steel backing plate.
  • Deep checkering is molded in.
  • Police Knives ordered by actual police agencies often had the agency's crest embossed in gold on one side. (see photo above)


  • Plain edge knife blade with spear point profile. AITOR INOX-SPAIN is stamped near the base. Overall length is 3" (78mm)
  • Serrated strap cutter
  • Combination can opener/cap lifter/wood saw/with a large flathead screwdriver at the tip. Hex cutouts in this blade also allow it to be used on four different sizes of metric bolt heads.
On the backspring:
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Medium flathead screwdriver


  • The pliers and plier handle are a clever three-piece assembly that folds completely away.
  • The pliers themselves are spring loaded, powered by the backspring.
  • The jaws have fine serrations out near the tips and a coarse gripping area in the center.
  • The wire cutter is of the anvil type. There is also a hard wire cutter near the pivot.
  • Two different sizes (large and small) of wire stripper notches are ground into the plier handle.

Locking Mechanism

  • None

Other Features

  • A split key ring is firmly attached to a mounting hole in the frame.


  • Black cordura with blue stitching. Snap closure. Belt loop on the back allows vertical carry only.


  • Folded length = 4-1/4" (110mm)
  • Total length, blade unfolded = 7-1/2" (190mm)
  • Thickness = 1-1/8" (29mm)
  • Weight = 8.7 oz (248g)


  • Manufactured in Spain. Popular in Central and South America, both civilian and official police department sales.

More Info

Off The Record

The quality of knives made by Aitor is generally quite good, although not up to the standards of Victorinox and Wenger. There can be no question however that Aitor products are far superior to those presently being imported from Asia.

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