This help page is designed to give basic help for getting around and using this wiki site. It also serves as a basic FAQ for this site. It is NOT designed as in-depth documentation of TikiWiki and all it's many, many uses. There are far more complete and better pages located at the TikiWiki documentation site.

What is the Multitool Encyclopedia?

The Multitool Encyclopedia is an interactive reference source for all multi-purpose tools, both past and present. Its intention is provide a resource for multitool facts. Information about the manufacturers, about histories, about websites, and of course, about the tools themselves can be found here. While the information is hoped to be as accurate as possible, the reality is that this information is compiled from the knowledge of Multitool fans and there may be inaccurate areas. That's why we need your help!

Why are some pages incomplete, and why do I see a lot of question marks?

Throughout the encyclopedia you may encounter incomplete pages, or words with underlined question marks behind them. These are links to pages that haven't been created yet. The author of the page you are viewing determined that there should be a page for this item, but this page hasn't been created yet. The wiki places a question mark behind the word to let you know that a new page is needed. That's where folks like you come in...

Registration: creating an account, logging on, and getting upgraded.

Why should I register?

Registered users have access to edit any page, or create new pages. As a registered user you all have access to create new photo galleries as well as upload photos. Finally, registered users will see a 'Since your last visit' box on the right hand side of your browser. This gives you a quick list of all new or changed content since you last visited the site.

How do I get an account?

On the right hand side is a Login box. At the bottom of this box is a link to register. Click this link and underneath the "Passcode to Register" area, click "contact the system administrator." This will bring you to form that will email our administration team, who will provide you with a passcode to register via the email address you provide. Make sure to include "Request Registration" in the email Subject. Once you recieve your code, just revisit the registration page, fill out all the required information, and click register. An confirmation email will be sent to your email address, and once you accept, you will be set to go.

Working with Wiki Pages... commenting, editing, creating.

How do I edit pages?

You need to login to the wiki. Look for the edit icon on the top right of each page, or the "edit" button on the bottom left of each page. Please add any information you may have, or correct information if you find it to be in error.

How do I create a new page?

You can do it two ways. First, any line you see a question mark behind a word, you can click that and will be taken to the new page editor. Second, to create a new page, add in a name in the 'Quick Edit' box and click edit. You are strongly encouraged to go to the Sandbox first. This is a great area to practice.

Why do I see 'Permission Denied'?

Most likely you are not a registered user. But you can become one very easily! Just click on the link on the right to create a new account. You will be verified soon and will be able to create or edit pages.

What commands (syntax) does Tiki Wiki use?

Check out this page on TikiWiki's home site for a good run down of the syntax used. You can also click on the 'Quicktags' link on the left when editing or creating a new page. Note that you are STRONGLY encouraged to use the Sandbox to practice and make sure you understand how everything works.

Policies and Procedure of this site...

What information should I add?

If it's Multitool related, anything! Try to fit it in the appropriate spot in the pages. Generally, each of the pages should branch off one of the 'Lists' seen on the right or at the bottom of the home page.

Do I need to follow the same template?

You may notice that most of the tool pages have a similar look and feel to them. In an effort to make things as easy to read/access/understand, we ask that you use a similar format for any new pages you create. Exceptions can be made, but they should be only in exceptional situations. The template for new articles can be found on the first post here:,65751.0.html

Can I edit someone else's page?

Yes! At the bottom of each page is a button labeled 'edit.' Click this to edit the page. Feel free to correct erroneous information or add more info or details to any of the pages. This site will work best when everyone contributes their knowledge. Each page retains it's history so even if you accidentally screw something up it can usually be undone. This site grows by everyone contributing the information that you know, so please add. Check out the Sandbox for a great area to practice first.

What if I need help?

If you come across a problem in the Encyclopedia that you don't know how to resolve you can ask for help on the Multitool Encyclopedia Editing for Dummies Page. This thread serves as a Discussion thread for Multitool Encyclopedia Editors, and is checked regularly by editors and site admin alike. Alternatively, you can post the issue on the http://forum.multitool.or...ex.php/topic,65746.0.html|Multitool Encyclopedia Suggested Edits Page and another editor will address the issue at a later date.
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