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What exactly is a multitool? Taken literally, the term could refer to any device which has more than one function, such as a claw hammer or a pencil with an eraser on the opposite end. In reality though, say the word "multitool" and most people visualize a set of folding pliers, with an array of folding blades and screwdrivers fanning out from the handles. In short, most people think of a Leatherman.

Personal Survival Tool

Although tools and knives with multiple functions have been around for centuries, the current widespread use and acceptance of modern multitools can be traced back to one man, and one period of time. The year was 1983, and after years of development, Tim Leatherman had re-introduced the world to the multitool.

Other companies quickly followed suit - big names like Gerber and Buck who had initially turned down Leatherman™s designs quickly designed and launched their own tools to take advantage of the new and growing market. Other names like SOG, Bear MGC, Schrade Cutlery, Cooper and Sears also joined in with their own designs, each one more sophisticated than the last. Even the traditional Swiss Army manufacturers, Victorinox and Wenger, got involved with their own offerings.

Multitools have grown very quickly from a novelty to a world-wide phenomenon with people across the globe using and depending upon them every day. Whether you own two or two hundred, use them often or only have one in case of emergencies, you can appreciate the utility provided by these incredible little devices. On these pages you can find more information about the many functions and variations of multitools that exist past and present. Start your journey by clicking on one of the links below:

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