Immix 20X

Loggerhead Immix 20X Loggerhead Tools produces a number of different sizes and configurations of their Bionic Wrench. The Immix 10X and 20X models are unique in that they carry a selection of 1/4" hex bits on board. Twenty bits are carried on the 20X, hence the name.

Loggerhead Immix 20X
fully closed
Loggerhead Immix 20X
fully open


The Immix 20X uses the patented Bionic Wrench principle of adjustable jaws. Opening and closing the handles causes a series of cams to drive six individual jaws. Operation is quite smooth. Capacity of the jaws ranges from 7/32" up to a max of 9/16" (6mm to 15mm) Note that the bionic wrench requires considerable clearance in order to access a nut or bolt.


Handles are stamped from heavy gauge sheet metal. (not stainless steel) They are given a black oxide - or nickel plate - finish. (see Variations below)

The handles snap together securely when the 20X is not in use.

Blades and Tools


Locking Mechanism


Other Features

Two removable rubber bit carriers, each with ten standard 1/4" bits fit securely into each handle. These bits can be driven either with the bionic wrench, or with the bit receptacle in the far end of the tool. (see photo) A magnet holds keeps the bit from falling out of the bit receptacle.


Woven nylon construction, with velcro closure. Straps on the back allow for both vertical and horizontal carry.


  • Length= 6" (152mm)
  • Width closed = 2-1/2" (63mm)
  • Thickness = 7/16" (10mm)
  • Weight = 7.6 oz (215g)


When first introduced the tool had handles of carbon steel with a black oxide finish. By 2008 the tools were listed as having a nickel finish.


Introduced in 2006. Manufactured in USA.
The Immix 10X is similar to the 20X, except it has only ten on-board hex bits, and two folding knife blades.

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