The trade name "Kutmaster" was first used in 1937. The parent company, Utica Cutlery of Utica, New york, has been producing knives, straight razors, and other cutlery since 1910. (Prior to that, the firm had produced coffins and vaults under the name Utica Burial Case Company.) Company headquarters are still located at the original 820 Noyes Street location to this day. During World War Two, the firm produced knives, bayonets, and Lineman's knife and plier kits for the US military under both the Utica and Kutmaster brand names.

The MultiMaster tool was developed in the late 1980's and was one of the first multi-purpose plier tools to compete with the then-new Leatherman products.

In addition to Kutmaster, Utica Cutlery was able to obtain rights to market their multitools under other famous name brands such as Caterpillar, Browning, Klein, and Proto Tools. Economy style knives and tools are imported and marketed under the Mountain Quest logo.

Utica Cutlery factory, circa 1920's

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