List of Popular Acronyms

There are many acronyms, abbreviations, and other short-hand expressions used among multi-tool enthusiasts. This list should be helpful for understanding descriptions and discussions relating to multi-tools in general.

Common Acronyms:
BO - Black Oxide Finish
BOB - Bug Out Bag
CCW - Concealed Weapons Permit
CRKT - Columbia Knife & Tool Company
EDC - Every Day Carry
FAK - First Aid Kit
FSP - Fisher Space Pen
GAK - German Army Knife
LM - Leatherman
MT - Multi-Tool
MT.O or MTO -
PC - Politically Correct
PSK - Personal Survival Kit
SAK - Swiss Army Knife
SAKKO - Swiss Army Knife Knock-Off
SOG - Studies and Operations Group (Knife & Tool company)
SOSAK - Secret Order of the Swiss Army Knife
Vic - Victorinox
VSAK- Victorinox
WSAK- Wenger

Some Specific Tool Models:
PST - LM's Personal Survival Tool
C2, S2, CS4, KF4, SC2, XE6 - LM's Juice Series
P4, S4, E4 - LM's Original Squirt Series
PS4, ES4 - LM's Second Generation Squirt Series
Ti, XTi, TTi, AL, ALX - LM's Charge Series
ST - SwissTool or Super Tool
STS - SwissTool Spirit
OHT, OHF - Vic's One Handed Trekker, Fireman
TCP - Tool Chest Plus
XAVT - Huge Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
PPP - SOG's Pocket PowerPlier
PPPD - SOG's Pocket PowerPlier Deluxe
EVO - A style of Wenger tools

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