M4 SeberTool

M4 SeberTool The M4 SeberTool was the first (and only, at the time this was written) keychain plier-tool to have both locking blades AND all-outside-opening blades. It retains the keychain attachment mechanism of its M2 and M3 predecessors. This tool is now marketed as the SeberTec T10 by IDL Tools.

M4 Sebertool lock release
Blade lock release


Jaw shape is a fattened blunt nose profile. There are fine serrations running out to the tips, a gripping area below that, and a wire cutter area near the pivot. No hard wire cutting notch is present.


Unlike the previous M2 and M3 tools from SeberTech, the M4 uses folded sheetmetal for the handles. Outside-opening blades mean the handles are more comfortable to grip under pressure.

Blades and Tools

As stated above, all the blades are outside-opening, and all blades lock open. There are three blades in each handle:
  • knife blade, with double edge V grind. 1-1/2" long (35mm)
  • medium Phillips screwdriver
  • medium flathead screwdriver
  • two-sided file blade. Single cut and double cut serrations
  • combination eyeglass screwdriver/bottle opener
  • tweezers

Locking Mechanism

Blades lock open via a backspring tab that engages a notch in the blade. Lock release is accomplished by pressing down on a small tab. (see photo)

Other Features

The M4 is able to quickly attach or release from a key ring, by means of a hole on the opposite side of the plier jaws. Securely closed up, the tool is quite unlikely to accidentally release from a key ring or lanyard loop.




  • Folded length = 2" (52mm)
  • Unfolded length = 3-3/4" (97mm)
  • Thickness = 3/8" (10mm)
  • Weight = 1.7 oz (46g)


Along with the standard stainless version, the M4 was also produced with a black oxide finish.

SeberTech Tools were sold with "M4 SEBERTOOL USA" cast into the plier pivot. Tools sold by Craftsman were chemical etched "CRAFTSMAN 45505 USA". A version was also produced for Harley Davidson called the HD15.


M2 SeberTool and M3 SeberTool.

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