Micro ToolClip

Micro ToolClip (yellow) Built along the same lines as its bigger brother the ToolClip, the SOG Micro ToolClip S28 offers many of the same features but in a much smaller package. Quality is first rate, as would be expected of a tool with Seki Japan origins.

Micro ToolClip (green)
Outdoor Green
Micro ToolClip (red)
Swiss Red
Micro ToolClip (black)
ToolClip patent
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Micro ToolClip jaws have a blunt nose profile. They open quite wide for their small size. There is also a relatively large wire cutter section. (bypass style) No hard wire notch is included.

Being a solid handle design, the moveable jaw is integral with the plier handle.


The solid plier handle has a beveled tip which is intended to function as a prybar. Like the plier jaws, it has a darkened matte metallic finish.

A plastic hook swivels up to prevent the handle from opening when not in use.


The frame consists of two panels of stainless steel sandwiched around the pliers and blades, held in place by a number of rivets. Tough plastic (in various colors) is overmolded onto the steel panels.

MICRO TOOLCLIP is molded into one face of the plastic. There is a SOG logo molded into the pocket clip.

Blades and Tools

  • Drop point knife blade, with plain edge. Measures 2" long (50mm)
  • Sheepsfoot knife blade, with serrated edge. Measures 2" long (50mm)
  • Medium screwdriver blade, with file serrations cut into one side

Locking Mechanism

None of the blades lock open.

Other Features

A large pocket clip is attached to one side.

A pivoting hook serves to lock the pliers closed when not in use.




  • Length = 4" (97mm)
  • Width = 1" (25mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (17mm)
  • Weight = 2.8 oz (80g)


Micro ToolClips were produced in four colors: Black, Outdoor Green, Swiss Red, and Emergency Yellow.

Judging by the relative availability today, it seems apparent that the vast majority were produced in black.


Introduced by SOG in 1991. Made in Seki Japan.
The Micro ToolClip is essentially a scaled down version of the full sized SOG ToolClip.

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