Mini Bear Jaws 153

Bear Jaws 153 2.5 inch Mini.jpg Bear Cutlery's answer to keychain offerings from other manufacturers. Like all of Bear's tool offerings, it is simplistic in design, but rugged and good quality

LL Bean (Bear Jaws) 153, rainbow finish.jpg
LL Bean rainbow finish
Bear Jaws 153 Mini, black-blue-red-green finishes.jpg
Powder Coat colored versions
Bear Jaws 153 BKCP Mini, black finish.jpg
Black Mini Bear Jaws


Jaws on the Mini Bear Jaws 153 are semi-needlenose, with medium serrations running out to the tip. A course serrated gripping area is in the center. Near the pivot is a wire cutter section, without a hard wire notch.


The Mini Bear Jaws is a butterfly opening design with outside opening tools. Handles are bolted together with Torx head screws. Finish is polished stainless.

A 5cm ruler is on one handle and a 2 inch ruler on the other. The opposite side is stamped with "Mini Bear Jaws USA" with a large blank spot for logo etching or other engravings.

Blades and Tools

The Mini Bear Jaws features outside opening implements, meaning that the handles do not have to be opened to access the implements inside. One handle features a nail file, lanyard ring and clip pointed blade, while the other handle features a flattened phillips screwdriver and a combo tool featuring a cap lifter and eyeglass screwdriver.

Locking Mechanism

There are no locking features on this tool. Implements and plier head are kept open with pressure from a backspring.

Other Features



There is no sheath for this tool


  • Folded length = 2-9/16" (66mm)
  • Unfolded length = 3-15/16" (99mm)
  • Thickness = 5/16" (10mm)
  • Weight = 1.59 oz (45.0g)


Color Variations: Mini Bear Jaws models were produced with red, green, blue or black handles. A powder coat paint with crinkle finish was used.

There was also a rainbow stainless finished model that was issued exclusively for and by LL Bean.


Made in the USA.

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