Leatherman Mini Tool.jpg }The Mini-Tool came out in 1986 as the second tool in the Leatherman line. It is a very compact tool that when closed is just a little over 2 1/2 inches but opens up to the same size as a PST due to the way the handle is designed. There is not a very big tool selection on this model but having a set of pliers in such a small package was a very big deal, especially in a time where the only other tool similar was out was the Leatherman PST. The tool sold well enough that it was produced for 18 years and discontinued in 2004 with several other tools that were similar to make way for the new zytel line and they reintroduced and upgraded some of the other models.

Leatherman Mini-Tool, black finish.JPG
Black oxide Mini-Tool


  • Needlenose/Regular Pliers with Wire Cutters and Hard-wire notch (hard wire notch was only on models from 1996 on).


Two part handles. Stainless steel.

Blades and Tools

  • 1. Bottle Opener
  • 2. Can Opener
  • 3. 420HC Blade
  • 4. Hard-wire Cutters
  • 5. Regular Pliers
  • 6. Ruler
  • 7. 1/4” Flat Screwdriver
  • 8. Wire Cutters
  • 9. Wood/Metal File

Blade Characteristics

  • None of the tools locked and had tool clumping
  • All tools had a highly polished finish (some variations of the file had more of a matte finish)

Locking Mechanism

  • None.


  • The Mini-Tool came with a small black nylon pancake sheath.


  • Length open = 6.22 inches/15.8cm
  • Length closed = 2.6 in | 7 cm
  • Width closed = 1 inch/2.54 cm
  • Thickness = 0.63 inch /1.6 cm
  • Weight = 4 oz | 114 g


  • Essentially unchanged in the 18 year production. Some of the tools have minor differences over the years. Earliest versions didn't have tool name stamped on them.


  • The Mini-Tool came in stainless steel and black oxide but not with cap crimper plier heads.


  • Introduced in 1986. Made in USA. Discontinued in 2004.
  • The Mini-tool had many of the same features as all the older Leatherman tools did. So the PST, PST II, Flair and even the Super Tool can be considered part of it's family.

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