MiniMaster The MiniMaster is basically a little box full of folding blades. It employs the same "locking L" mechanism for locking the blades open as first seen on the MultiMaster. Produced for years in Utica New York, more recent examples appear to be imported from Asia. Knock-off variations of the MiniMaster abound.

blade locked open


The frame is made up of two halves that fold together to form a box. The hinge area has two sets of detents. One set holds the box lid closed, the other set holds it open.

Material is stainless steel, which has been given a matte bead blast finish.

MINIMASTER is stamped into one side in large font. In smaller font it says BY KUTMASTER and USA PAT PEND. An inch/metric scale is stamped on the bottom side.

Blades and Tools

The MiniMaster has seven folding implements:
  • Clip point knife blade, 1-3/4" long (45mm)
  • Nail file with fingernail hook
  • Spring-loaded scissors
  • Flat phillips screwdriver
  • Medium flathead screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Tweezers
In addition there is a folding lanyard attachment ring

Locking Mechanism

All blades lock open using a unique feature Kutmaster refers to as the "Locking L" safety device. Once a blade is fully opened, closing the lid of the box causes a tab to engage a slot at the base of the blade. This prevents the blade from accidentally closing during use. The method is crude, but effective.

Other Features

In the lid of the box there are three hex cutouts intended to be used as wrenches. 5/16", 11/32" and 3/8" are the sizes.

The underside of the lid can has a built in bottle opener.




  • Length open = 4-1/4" (110mm)
  • Length closed = 2-3/8" (60mm)
  • Width = 5/8" (17mm)
  • Thickness = 7/16" (12mm)
  • Weight = 1.3 oz (38g)


Introduced in the late 1990's. Produced in Utica New York up until the mid-2000's. Recent examples show evidence of Asian manufacture.
Many cheap imported tools resemble the box-full-of-folding-blades concept of the MiniMaster.

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