Multi-Plier 400 Compact Fisherman

Multi-Plier 400 Compact Fisherman Based on the smaller frame size of the 400 Compact Sport, the Compact Fisherman model offers a number of unique features intended especially for the angler.

400 Compact Fisherman
diamond file
400 Compact Fisherman, closed
closed position


  • The Compact Fisherman has extra long and skinny needlenose jaws. (Note that these are not the same jaws as included on the larger Gerber 600-series Fisherman, which include carbide inserted wire cutters)
  • A number of half-round cutouts between the jaws are for crimping leaders.
  • Wire cutters are of the anvil type. (Regular 400-series tools have bypass type wire cutters)
  • A hard wire notch is included, presumably for cutting fish hooks.
  • In the closed position, over 3/4" of the jaw tips still protrude out of the handles. (see photo below)


Exact same handles as those used on other 400-series Multi-Pliers. Finish is brushed stainless all over. GERBER USA is stamped into one side. STAINLESS is stamped into the spine. (Note no inch or metric scales are included)

Blades and Tools

All the blades and tools lock open. They are also completely free of clumping thanks to Gerber's exclusive tabbed washer system.
  • Plain edge knife blade, drop point profile, double side grind bevel. Measures 2-1/2" long. (63mm)
  • Lanyard ring
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Combination bottle opener/medium flathead screwdriver
  • Spring-loaded folding scissors
  • Two-sided file blade, with beveled end for scraping. One side is a diamond file with a hook sharpening groove running down the center. (see photo)
  • Phillips screwdriver with square shank
  • Awl blade
  • Tweezers

Locking Mechanism

The Gerber Saf-T Plus system securely locks all blades in the open position. Sliding the black plastic switch on the back of the handle releases the lock.

Other Features

A wire crimper area is provided on the underside of the plier jaws.


A black nylon sheath with velcro closure is standard. It is designed for vertical carry only.


  • Length open = 6-1/4" (158mm)
  • Length closed = 5" (127mm)
  • Width closed = 1-1/2" (37mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (16mm)
  • Weight = 6.4 oz (180g)


Some later versions of the 400 Compact Fisherman were produced with a standard cutting file instead of the diamond file.


Made in the USA.
The Compact Fisherman is closely related to other tools in Gerber's Multi-Plier 400 family.

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