Multi-Tool A100

Multi-Tool A100 The A100 broke new ground in the world of multitools when it was introduced in 1997. Available a full two years before the Leatherman Crunch, it was the first multitool to feature locking plier jaws. Also groundbreaking at the time was its one-hand-opening, liner locking knife blade. Ironically enough, the double folded sheet metal handle with one hand blade was seen again the very next year on the Leatherman Wave.

A100 (10).jpg
Multi-Tool A100
note V-groove
A100 (9).jpg
locking plier adjustment
A100 (6).jpg
inch and metric scale
A100 (7).jpg
blades fanned
A100 (8).jpg
note unlock lever limits reach
Multi-Tool A100
liner lock
Multi-Tool A100
A100 (11).jpg
A100C with Sheath
Multi-Tool A100
handle latch
Multi-Tool A100
plier jaw release assist lever
Crunch -vs- A100
Leatherman Crunch vs. A100
Crunch -vs- A100
Folded Crunch -vs- Kershaw A100


  • Jaw shape is needlenose, with fine serrations, a gripping area, and a large wire cutter. (No hard wire notch is included)
  • Finish is bead blast matte stainless.
  • The upper jaw has a V-notch running lengthwise, to easier grip fish hooks and such.
  • Jaws are spring loaded.


  • Handles are sheet metal bent into complex shapes.
  • The lower handle is a channel shape containing four crossbolts to facilitate the locking mechanism.
  • The upper handle is bent into an S-shape, with the lock adjustment in one channel and the outside opening knife blade in the other.
  • Finish is bead blast matte stainless.
  • KERSHAW MULTI-TOOL USA is stamped onto one side. KAI PAT. PENDING is stamped onto the other.
  • An inch scale is stamped along one edge of the bottom side. A metric scale runs along the opposite edge.
  • Pivot screws are an odd mix of hex heads and knurled heads. (although photos of tools with hex socket round head screws have been noted)

Blades and Tools

  • Drop point knife blade, with half serrated edge. Measures 2-3/4" long (70mm)
  • Features a thumb stud for one-hand-opening
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Can opener
  • Two-sided file blade, with single cut and double cut teeth
  • Fine tooth metal cutting saw blade
  • Medium flathead screwdriver

Locking Mechanism

  • The knife blade locks open via a standard liner lock.

Other Features

  • When not in use, the handles are held closed by a latch that rotates into place along one side.
  • A bump and detent prevent the latch from swinging freely when it is disengaged.
  • An assist lever helps to unlock the jaws when gripping something tightly.


  • Standard sheath was a woven cordura nylon affair with velcro closure. Belt loop allowed vertical carry only.
  • Also available was a form fitted leather sheath with open top.


  • Length = 6-3/4" (171mm)
  • Width = 1-1/4" (32mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (16mm)
  • Weight = 8.6 oz (244g)


  • Kershaw produced the Model 45516 for Sears Craftsman, which differs only in the stamped logo.
  • Note that model numbers such as A100C or A100L simply indicate Cordura or Leather sheaths. The tools themselves are identical.


  • Introduced in 1997. Made in the USA.
A number of cheap knockoffs of the A100 have been produced and imported from China.

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