New Wave

Leatherman New Wave (2004).jpg This 2004 version was a major update on the Wave. It was the first tool with the Surge and Charge series to include the bit driver system and with the update it made all the tools on it locking. Whereas the original version had only outside locking tools. This version is also still currently being produced. It also replaced the plier head from the original to a newer stronger plier head that came out on several other models in the same year.

Leatherman New Wave 2004, black finish.jpg
Black oxide New Wave
Leatherman New Wave, cap crimper.jpg
Stainless steel cap crimper New Wave
Leatherman New Wave, black oxide, cap crimper.jpg
Black oxide cap crimper New Wave


  • Stainless Steel, features soft and hard wire cutters, regular pliers, needle nose pliers


  • The new Wave along with the Surge has a very complex handle with a series of bends that makes both halves of each handle a U shape that designed for comfort. It is stainless steel and has a polished finish.


  • Outside Accessible:
-420HC Plain edge drop point main blade with One Hand open feature
-420HC Serrated sheepsfoot blade with One Hand open feature
-Metal/wood file with a diamond file on the reverse and a metal saw on the lower spine
-Push/pull saw
-Lanyard ring in the saw pocket

  • Inside tools:
-Large bit holder with a #2 Phillips and 3/16 flat-head
-Can opener w/ wire stripper
-Large flat-head screwdriver
-Small bit holder with eyeglass Phillips and flat-head

Lock system:

  • Features liner locks on all outside accessible tools, rocker locks on all inside tools.

Other Features:

  • Optional removable pocket clip/quick release lanyard loop that utilize the rocker lock system.
  • Ingenious mechanism that locks the knife blades while the pliers are deployed.
  • 8"/19cm ruler on the inside handles

Sheath/Carry Options:

  • Nylon w/velcro closure
  • Leather with snap closure
Both sheath options include side slots and a slot behind the tool for the optional bit kit.


  • Length open=6.22 in/15.8 cm
  • Length closed=4 in/10 cm
  • Width closed=1.5 in/3.8 cm
  • Thickness=0.75 in/1.9 cm
  • Weight=8.5 oz/241 g
  • 2.9 in/7.37 cm (blade length)


  • Stainless steel finish
  • Black oxide finish and in July 2015 there was a special release of three colors for the Wave. Blue, green and tan.
  • 25th anniversary edition
  • The Danish variation has nail nicks in place of the holes making the Danish variation 2 handed opening.
  • Damascus Wave w/Damascus steel PE and Serrated blades, DLC coating on the handles.
  • The new Wave has a tab in the inside of the handle for the plier head to rest on, older ones were thinner and prone to bend and eventually break causing the plier head to stick inside the handle, later models (2008 and on) have a thicker tab and fixed this problem.
  • In 2015 the Wave was released with 3 new colors Tan, Green and Blue. The finish was a special paint formulated to be used on stainless steel. (Only time will tell if this paint will come off in use or not).


  • Descendant of the original 1998 Leatherman Wave design, the new 2004 edition Wave implemented the bit exchanger system that displaced 5 dedicated screwdrivers, and incorporated a new scissor design.

  • The Charge is a similar set of different tools with a few extras built in and higher end scales and the Surge is a larger tool version of the new Wave that has outside opening scissors a blade ex-changer and inside has an awl. This is also the second version of the Wave the first Wave was retired in 2004 and the new Wave was it's replacement. Also the same plier head was on the Blast, Fuse and Kick.

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