NewRanger touring 174

wenger-touring-174.jpg The NewRanger Touring 174 is the 2008 Patrouille de Glaciers knife. It features Wenger's new full-size folding pliers and a bit-driver in the handle. The main blade is partly serrated. There also is Wenger's auto-locking screwdriver/bottle-opener, a can opener, an awl, and a Phillips.


The Alinghis are equipped with nylon scales, contoured in the Evo style to fit the hand. Deep checkering is molded into the thumb area on both sides. It is only available in black. One side carries the Wenger cross logo and an outline of a mountain, along the Wenger name molded in. The cross logo icon itself is actually a push button, which when depressed releases the liner lock on the knife blade. There is a hexagonal hole for the bit driver, which goes through a scale and several backsprings for support. One of the backsprings provides spring tension to keep the tools in. The bit driver accepts standard 1/4" screwdriver bits. 2 are included (1 small flat, 1 large Phillips).


The pliers and plier handle are a clever three-piece assembly that folds completely away when not needed. Despite this complex function they are quite strong and rugged.

The pliers themselves are spring loaded, powered by the backspring.

The jaws have fine serrations out near the tips and a coarse gripping area in the center. The wire cutter is of the anvil type.


The Touring 174 has a partly-serrated main blade with drop point profile. There is a wave pattern on the blade. WENGER is stamped near the base. Overall length is 3-3/4" (95mm).
  • Combination cap lifter/medium flathead screwdriver. Note that screwdriver uses Wenger's patented pressure-locking feature.
  • Can opener
On the backspring:
  • Corkscrew
  • Sewing awl with hole

Locking Mechanism

Wenger's NewRanger series of knives employ a standard liner lock to lock the main blade open. Release of this lock is accomplished by depressing the white and red Wenger cross button on the side of the handle.

The flathead screwdriver locks open automatically when pressure is applied to it. This is the same patented Wenger mechanism that has been used on their Swiss Army Knife for decades.

Other Features

A split key ring is firmly attached to a mounting hole in the frame.


Black nylon sheath included. 4 pockets in outside of sheath for bits.


  • Folded length = 5" (130mm)
  • Total length, blade unfolded = 9" (225mm)
  • Total length, pliers unfolded = 7" (178mm)
  • Thickness = 1-1/8" (30mm)
  • Weight = 8 oz (227g)


Alinghi 176- One-hand-opening, Phillips, no corkscrew.
Alinghi 177 - Two-hand-opening, no Phillips, corkscrew.


The NewRanger series was introduced in 2007. They are produced in Switzerland. The NewRanger Touring 174 is the 2008 Patrouille de Glaciers knife. It is only sold in Switzerland.
The Touring 174 is part of the the Wenger NewRanger plier knives series.

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