pst2.jpg The PST II was originally just a variation of the ever popular PST but it evolved into a tool of it's own and being originally labeled Leatherman Tool as the PST was became the PST II. It was the first Leatherman to have a diamond coated file (with fish hook groove) and a pair of scissors. At the time this was a major advance in the multitool world. It is also the first Leatherman to have a combo blade ( half serrated half plain edge knife blade). This tool was introduced in 1996 and later discontinued in 2004.


  • Needlenose/Regular Pliers with Wire Cutters and Hard-wire notch.


  • Stainless steel.

Blades and Tools

420HC Combo Blade
Ruler (8 in | 19 cm)
Bottle Opener
Can Opener
Diamond-coated File
Hard-wire Cutters
Large Screwdriver
Medium Screwdriver
Needlenose Pliers
Phillips Screwdriver
Regular Pliers
Spring-action Scissors
Small Screwdriver
Wire Cutters
Wood/Metal File

Blade Characteristics

  • None of the tools locked and had tool clumping
  • All tools had a highly polished finish
  • First Leatherman multitool with a diamond file and scissors

Locking Mechanism

  • None.


  • The black leather sheath that came with the PST is the same leather sheath that also came with the PST II. It is a rectangular sheath with a snap button flap and Leatherman is written in gold lettering on the front that fit the tool perfect. There is also a black nylon pancake type sheath, a camo pancake type sheath and many others.


  • Length open = 6.22 inches/15.8cm
  • Length closed = 4 inches/10 cm
  • Width closed = 1 inch/2.54 cm
  • Thickness = 7/16 inch/1.27 cm
  • Weight = 5 oz | 142 g


  • The PST II originally was marked the exact same way as a PST but later on (around 1998) Leatherman started actually stamping PST II on the tool. It remained virtually unchanged after this minus a newer style plier head until they retired it in 2004.


  • Stainless steel version


  • Introduced in 1996. Made in the USA. Discontinued in 2004.
  • There are a several tools related to the PST II. First off is the PST , next is the Mini-Tool, next is it's big brother the Super Tool, the wacky Flair, the Pulse is sort of a mix of the PST and the PST II and the first Leatherman with a clip the Sideclip is also a close cousin to the PST II.

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