SOG PowerLock S60.jpg Introduced in 1998, the PowerLock was SOG's first locking multitool, as well as the first SOG tool to have tool covers. It replaced the PowerPlier in SOG's lineup, and was eventually replaced itself by the PowerLock 2.0. Many versions were made available by SOG, which combined with SOG's encouragement of modifying their tool load out, makes for an abundant variety of variations on the standard model.

SOG PowerLock S62 (V-cutter).jpg
S62 with V-Cutter
SOG PowerLock T60.jpg
TiNi T60
SOG PowerLock EOD Tigerstripe.jpg
Tiger Stripe B61 EOD
SOG PowerLock B62 (V-cutter).jpg
B62 with Leather Sheath
SOG PowerLock EOD S61.jpg
Cap Crimper from S61 EOD pliers


The plier jaws are a needle nose profile with a bolt gripping area. Wirecutters at the base of the jaws, with a hard wire notch. on the opposite side of the jaws (between the handles when the tool is open) is either a wire crimper in standard models, or an explosive cap crimper/wire crimper in EOD models.


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Blades and Tools

  • Large Scissors
  • V-cutter
  • Partially Serrated drop point blade
  • Plain Edged drop point blade (never with Partially serrated blade)
  • Fully serrated Sheepsfoot blade (always with Plain Edged blade)
  • 3-Sided file
  • Saw
  • #1 Phillips screwdriver
  • Bottle opener/Medium Flathead screwdriver
  • Can Opener/Small Flathead screwdriver
  • Awl
  • Large Flathead screwdriver
  • 1/4" Bit Adapter

Blade Characteristics

  • All blades lock open
  • Like many tools from this era, the tools tend to clump together when opening.


Comes with either a Nylon or Leather sheath.


  • Length open = 7"
  • Length closed = 4.6"
  • Width closed =
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  • Thickness =
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  • Weight = 9.5 oz.


There were many, many variations of the SOG PowerLock. Black Oxide models are denoted by a "B" in their model number, while stainless steel finished tools have an "S". There are some limited production gold colored Titanium Nitride (TiNi) PowerLocks, identified by a "T" in their model number. Rare Tiger stripe PowerLocks produced exclusivly for Brigade Quartermasters LTD had a "B" in the model numbers. EOD models can be identified by the explosives cap crimper underneath the plier jaws.
  • S60:
    • Stainless Steel finish
    • standard small tools (Phillips driver, bottle opener, can opener, awl, 1/4" bit adapter, and large flathead)
    • Partially serrated blade
    • Scissors
    • Saw
    • 3-Sided file
  • B60
    • Same as S60, but with a Black Oxide Finish
  • T60
    • Same as S60, but with gold TiNi finished handles
  • S61 EOD
    • Same as S60, but with an explosive cap crimper
  • B61 EOD
    • Same as B60, but with an explosive cap crimper
  • S62
    • normal inside tools
    • 3-sided file
    • V-cutter
    • partially serrated blade
    • saw
  • B62
    • Same as S62, but with a Black Oxide finish
  • S63 EOD
    • Same as S62, but with explosive cap crimper
  • B63 EOD
    • Same as B62, but with explosive cap crimper
  • other versions were available, but their model number is currently unknown


Introduced in 1998, the PowerLock replaced the PowerPlier. Improvements include the addition of removable gear covers, and tool locks.
The PowerLock is based on the PowerPlier chassis, and is the predecessor to the PowerLock 2.0.

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