Ratchet Rocket

Ratchet Rocket The Ratchet Rocket is actually more of a "tool kit" than a single multi-purpose tool. It includes a water proof case that attaches to the bike frame. Inside there are several handy devices, the namesake being a small ratchet wrench that drives a number of included 1/4" hex bits.

Ratchet Rocket | Ratchet Rocket | Ratchet Rocket
Topeak Ratchet Rocket


  • Accepts standard 1/4" hex driver bits
  • Reversing lever for loosening/tightening
  • Thumb wheel
  • Fine tooth ratchet mechanism
  • Hex drive in end of handle, with magnetic bit holder
  • Snaps into receptacle on side of chain tool

Chain Tool

  • Designed to remove old chain pins or install new ones.
  • Has a hex drive that can be driven with the ratchet tool.
  • Compartments along the side hold six (included) 1/4" hex bits.
  • Tool head made from stainless steel.

Tire Levers

  • Made from aluminum, with hard anodize plating.
  • One lever has a hex cutout, allowing it to be used as a wrench or to drive the 1/4" bits.
  • Notch in the other lever is for gripping a wheel spoke during use.


  • Made from high impact plastic, with a see-thru rubber lid.
  • Water proof.
  • Receptacle on back side attaches to standard Topeak accessory stud mount.
  • Two accessory stud mount options included.


  • Case Length = 4-1/4" (117mm)
  • Case Width = 2-3/4" (57mm)
  • Case Thickness = 1" (25mm)
  • Case Weight = 6.8 oz (192g)
  • Ratchet Length = 3-5/8" (93mm)
  • Ratchet Weight = 1 oz (28g)



Similar Tools

The Victorinox Ratchet is slightly larger than the Topeak ratchet.


The Ratchet Rocket was introduced in 2008. It is produced in Taiwan.

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