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Multi-purpose tools and knives are a widespread phenomenon out in the "real" world. Folks interested in these devices are increasingly turning to cyberspace in order to ask questions, gain knowledge, and discuss new and exciting innovations. Whether you are a collector looking for information on obscure models or variations, or a user looking for the best model for your needs and the best place to buy, there is a wealth of knowledge on the Internet for you.

*Please note that this is not a recommendation or an endorsement for these sites. This is simply a list.

Company Sites

Links to many of the major multitool company's websites can be found on that Manufacturer's home page here on the Multitool Encyclopedia.

Information Sites

These sites provide information on multi-purpose tools and knives. Everything from model information and pictures, to articles and reviews can be found here.

  • - Reviews and articles about multitools, home site of the Multitool Encyclopedia.
  • SAKWiki - With a layout that is very similar to the Multitool Encyclopedia, this site provides a wealth of information about Swiss Army Knives, both past and present.
  • SwissArmyKnights - Home of the Secret Order of the Swiss Army Knife web archives, is a hybrid blog/legacy site that has remained up and running after moving the SOSAK to Multitool.Org. While no longer regularly updated, the SOSAK web archive contains a wealth of knowledge about Swiss Army Knives, as well as other tools and subjects.
  • - An extremly useful tool created by Bob Quinlan, the SAKSelector can be used to identify or find a specific Victorinox or Wenger Swiss Army Knife. Simply input the options you are looking for, and hit "Select". The SAKSelector will display all the tools that meet the criteria you inputted. To create a new search, simply click "Start Over"

Discussion Sites

These sites provide a way to interact with other multi-purpose tool and knife enthusiasts, usually through a message board.

  • Forums - Multitool forum and review site with information on tools from all the major manufacturers. Please feel welcome to sign up and join in the discussion. Registration is easy, and free.
  • Facebook Page - The official Facebook page for, offering a forum to discuss multitools and related subjects out side of Multitool.Org itself. Join and Like us today!

Retail Sites

These sites provide a place to buy multitools and Swiss Army Knives. Different sites may have access to difference products and at different prices. Do your research before you buy. These sites are provided solely as information to the buyer. This site is not responsible for these sites or any problems you may encounter with them. To list your business here please email us via the Contact Us page.

  • Felinevet Shop - Housed on EDCSource, this is the unofficial Swiss Army Knife store for the Multitool.Org and SOSAK community. Felinevet Shop stocks a number of new and used SAKs, both Wenger and Victorinox, as well as a number of different multitools. If he doesn't stock the item you're looking for, he can probably get it soon. Proceeds from sales go to help the Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program.
  • - Buy, sell and trade multi-tools, knives, outdoor gear, flash lights & torches, Swiss Army Knives and more online. Set up your own online store hosted by EDCSource, or browse many already established stores.
  • - Offering customized and modified Swiss Army Knives. Bob Lessard (known as Syph007 on the Multitool.Org forums), offers torx pivot conversions, custom Alox and Titanium scale conversions, custom SAK layouts and more.
  • MultiTool.Org For Sale Board - MultiTool.Org's very own tMultitools For Sale board. Threads are posted by Multitool.Org members, and often have a wide variety of various multitools and knives available.

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