Roc Wizard

Roc Wizard Typically multitools result in some economy of size and weight by combining multiple functions into a single device. Not so with the Roc Wizard. A stack of ordinary individual tools is simply pinned together on one end, resulting in an unwieldy device that is unlikely to be worth the sum of its parts.

Roc Wizard
Side View
Roc Wizard
Locking Saw Blade
Roc Wizard
Blades Fanned
Roc Wizard
Drywall Rasp along Bottom
Roc Wizard
Ace Hardware version with Sheath
Roc Wizard
Push button to pivot knife
Roc Wizard
Push black button to exchange razor


The frame of the Roc Wizard consists of two slabs of cast zinc (or aluminum?) held together by several cross pins. Rubberized grip panels with a variety of printed logos are attached to the sides. Overall size is a considerable handful.


  • Primary blade is a standard utility knife, including the entire full-sized handle. The razor blade itself is extended and retracted using a locking push button.
  • Saw blade, which locks open with a standard liner lock.
  • Tube punch, intended to pierce the seal of caulk tube containers.
  • Screw pry bar.

Locking Mechanism

The saw blade locks open via a standard liner lock. A release tab sticks up above the handle.

The razor knife blade locks open at three different lengths using a standard utility knife mechanism.

Other Features

A drywall rasp is located along the bottom surface of the Roc Wizard.


A floppy nylon pouch is included with the tool. It utilizes a velcro closure. Loop on backside is suitable for vertical carry only. Logo on pouch varies depending on brand.


  • Length folded = 6-1/4" (159mm)
  • Total length, saw blade unfolded = 9-3/4" (248mm)
  • Width = 1-1/2" (40mm)
  • Height = 1-1/2" (40mm)
  • Weight = 9.9 oz (280g)

Replacing The Knife Blade

A spring loaded cross pin locks the utility knife handle in place. Pressing a side button allows the knife to be pivoted upwards. (see left photo below) With the knife in this position, press the black button to release an exchange the razor blade. (photo on right below)


Rubber side panels on the Roc Wizard are changed depending on which brand the tool is sold under.
Brands noted thus far:
  • IDL Tools (orange)
  • ACE Hardware (red)
  • Husky (red)


Unveiled by IDL Tools in 2007. Manufactured in China. Voted 7th Worst Gadget of 2007 by Popular Mechanics.

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