ST1 Tough Tool

Schrade Tough Tool ST1.jpg The mighty Schrade Cutlery company, one of the largest knifemaking companies in America at the time, was late getting into the burgeoning multitool market. First produced 14 years after the Leatherman PST, Schrade's ST1 Tough Tool introduced a number of unique concepts, including side-folding blades and a new locking mechanism. Larger in size than the majority of competitive multitools at the time, the ST1 found favor with industrial workers and building trades professionals.

ST1 sideways, closed
Series 2 ST1
Schrade ST1 sideways closted, tool view
Series 2 ST1
ST1 plier heads ST1 plier heads ST1 plier heads ST1 plier heads


Jaw construction evolved over the years. See VARIATIONS below.

Profile is an unusual stepped needlenose. Fine and coarse serrations are included, along with a bypass wire cutter. No hard wire notch.


Handles are bent in a complex shape, forming a complete rectangular tube at one point.

All pivot points are rivets, not screws.

Finish is matte bead blast stainless all over.

The SCHRADE TOUGH logo is stamped in one handle, patent info in the other. No inch or metric scales are present.

Blades and Tools

Blade selection changed throughought the life of the ST1. Below is a list of blades included with the original Series 1 model:
  • Can opener
  • Plain edge knife blade, Sheepsfoot profile. Measures 2-1/4" long (55mm)
  • Flattened phillips screwdriver
  • Partially serrated knife blade, clip point profile. Measures 2-1/4" long (60mm)
  • Combination edge knife blade, clip point profile. Measures 2-1/2" long (65mm)
  • Three sided file blade, with hook disgorger on end
  • Inch and metric ruler
  • Fully serrated knife blade, sheepsfoot profile. Measures 2-1/2" long (62mm)
  • Unusual hook-shape knife
  • Large flathead screwdriver, with wire stripper V notch along edge
  • Small flathead screwdriver
Note only the phillips screwdriver, clip point knife, serrated knife, and large flathead screwdriver lock open.

Locking Mechanism

A patented locking mechanism engages a slot in the back of the lockable blades. Pressing downwards on a neighboring blade releases the lock.

Other Features

A hole in one handle is provided for lanyard attachment.


Two sheath options were available standard: Heavy leather with snap closure, and woven nylon with velcro closure. Vertical or horizontal carry.


  • Length open = 7" (178mm)
  • Length closed = 4-3/4" (122mm)
  • Width closed = 1-3/8" (36mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (17mm)
  • Weight = 8.3 oz (236g)


Over the years the ST1 continued to evolve as manufacturing methods changed. Most dramatic differences can be seen in the plier head (see pictures at right) and the blade selection.


Introduced in 1997. Produced in USA until Schrade closed its doors in 2004.

A newer version, similar in appearance but lower in quality, currently produced in China and sold by Taylor Brands Schrade.
The ST5E Tough Tool and the ST2 Tough Chip bear a family resemblence to the ST1.

The famous Blackie Collins first patented the idea of side folding blades on a multitool. His patent #5062173 is a crude but obvious predecessor to the ST1:
The first patent registered in Schrade's name for the ST1 is this one #5963999

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