ScrewBall The Swiss-Tech ScrewBall is a clever little device that combines eight different screwdrivers into a single keychain device. When folded, the metal screwdrivers fall entirely within the plastic "ball", preventing damage to other items nearby. When unfolded for use, the "ball" provides a firm grip for torquing on stubborn screws.

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  • The "ball" which houses the folding screwdrivers is formed from high impact plastic, approximately 1-1/2" in diameter. (37mm)


  • Eight different screwdrivers unfold from the ball. They are held in place by a satisfying "click".
    • small eyeglass flathead
    • #1 medium flathead
    • #0 phillips
    • #1 phillips
    • 3/32" hex driver
    • 1/8" hex driver
    • #10 torx driver
    • #15 torx driver

Other Features

  • A molded ring provides an attachment point for a key ring (included) or lanyard.


  • Weight = 2.4 oz (68g)


  • Introduced in 2000 by LKL Innovations, Ltd. Production discontinued a short while later.

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Off The Record

  • Despite the plastic in its construction, the ScrewBall is surprising well built. It is an altogether satisfying little tool. Perhaps its primary shortcoming is the ball itself, which creates a somewhat uncomfortable lump in one's pocket.
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