Shard02.jpg Not released for sale at first, the Shard has gathered a certain amount of interest to collectors everywhere. Unfortunately the Shard was only released in limited numbers as a giveaway item at trade shows such as SHOT and BLADE. Bombarded by such a large number of people Gerber decided to go ahead and make a production run of this smaller brother to the Artifact.


Frame is a one piece stainless steel investment casting. The finish is black titanium nitride, blue, or plain stainless. GERBER and SHARD are deeply cast into one face.



Locking Mechanism


Other Features

A number of features are cast integral into the frame:
  • Prybar
    • Bent upwards on a 20 degree angle
    • V-notch suitable for pulling nails
    • Taper grind on end makes it marginally suitable for driving slotted screws
  • Bottle opener notch
  • Lanyard attachment loop
  • Phillips screwdriver


Length= 67mm (2 1/2")
Width= 27mm (1")
Thickness= 3mm (1/8")
Weight= 22.1g (.78oz)
The Shard is a smaller, knifeless version of the Artifact, which has been released and is readily available.

Additional Information

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