Shortcut, red The Gerber Shortcut keychain tool was introduced in 2005, along with its sister tool, the Clutch. The significant difference between these two is that the Shortcut is scissors based, while the Clutch features plier jaws. Both have all outside-opening blades.

Shortcut, gray
Special Ops Gray


The scissor jaws on the Shortcut are spring-loaded by means of a hidden spring around the pivot. (As opposed to the backspring mechanism used on the Leatherman Micra)


The main frame of the handle is a channel of stainless steel. On each side there are scales of anodized aluminum. The Shortcut was primarily produced in two colors, Red Tail Hawk and Special Ops Gray. Lightening holes were added to the aluminum scales.

Depending upon which blade was housed in it, one handle channel was stamped along the spine with the word BLADE while the other was stamped NAIL FILE, as a quick reference.

Blades and Tools

  • 1-3/4" (45mm) long knife blade
  • small eyeglass screwdriver
  • tweezer

  • gritty nail file
  • flathead screwdriver/caplifter blade
  • flat phillips screwdriver

Locking Mechanism

None of the blades lock open.

Other Features

A split ring and lanyard attachment is included on one handle.




  • Folded length = 2-5/8" (66mm)
  • Unfolded length = 4-1/4" (108mm)
  • Thickness = 7/16" (11mm)
  • Weight = 2.4 oz (69g)


The Shortcut was produced with either red or gray color anodized scales.


Introduced in 2005. Manufactured in China.
Gerber Clutch.

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