Signal.jpg The Leatherman Signal was designed to cater to the bushcrafting movement that has been gaining in popularity in the last few years. It has a safety whistle/ferrocerium rod and a diamond coated sharpener that are all removable with DLC coated handles for wear and tear out in the woods on a hike or helping set up camp. The Signal was introduced in 2015 and is still being produced today.


  • Needlenose/regular pliers with removable cutters and hard wire notch.


  • The frame takes many elements from the Skeletool series of tools it has a stainless steel frame and handles which has a DLC (diamond like coating) like that of the Skeletool CX. Also has a replaceable pocket clip. There is also a removable Safety Whistle/Ferrocerium Rod and a Diamond-coated Sharpener.

Blades and Tools

  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • 154CM Replaceable Wire Cutters
  • 154CM Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
  • Wire Stripper
  • 420HC Combo Knife
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Awl w/ Thread Loop
  • Can Opener
  • Bottle Opener
  • 1/4 inch Hex Bit Driver
  • Bit Driver
  • 1/4 inch Box Wrench
  • Carabiner
  • 3/16 inch Box Wrench
  • Safety Whistle
  • Ferrocerium Rod
  • Diamond-coated Sharpener

Blade Characteristics

  • Some of the tools have a polished finish while the others have a bead blast finish.

Locking Mechanism

  • The outside accessible tools have a liner locking system and the inside tools have a push tab type locking system.


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  • Length open =
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  • Length closed = 4.5 in | 11.43 cm
  • Width closed =
    Insert Information here
  • Thickness = 0.63 inch /1.6 cm
  • Weight = 7.5 oz | 212.6 g


  • None.


  • In 2017 REI Outdoors released a topographical graphics on the blade and OD green handled edition of the Signal along side the Skeletool that are lasered etched on.


Introduced in 2015. Made in the USA. Still in production.
  • The MUT and the Signal have more in common with each other than any other tool both of these tools have a hammer built into the frame. The Signal and the Rebar share the same plier head with removable cutters. It has outside accessible tools similar to those found on the Wave, New Wave, Surge and Charge series. The Signal has a DLC (diamond like coating) that is the same as the Skeletool CX they also share a similar frame. The Skeletool, Skeletool RX, Skeletool SX also share a similarly designed frame to the Signal as well as the Style PS and Style CS.

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