Skeletool RX

Skeletool RX.jpg The Skeletool series has been a very well received set of tools. So Leatherman has in 2016 brought about a rescue version (for emergency workers) of this tool type. It has an orange Ceracote finish on the frame, a fully serrated knife blade for seat belt cutting and comes with a carbide glass breaker bit in the bit holder.


Plier jaws are larger than the Squirt P4 jaws, but considerably smaller than full size jaws found on the Kick or Charge. Best comparison would be with the Juice series of tools. It has a needlenose/regular set of stainless steel pliers plus a set of wire cutters with a hard wire notch.


Skeletool RX handles are just like the regular Skeletool they are stainless steel but have an orange corrosion-proof protective finish called Cerakote. There is no date coding on the Skeletool RX.

Blades and Tools

Needlenose Pliers
Regular Pliers
Hard-wire Cutters
Wire Cutters
154CM Serrated Knife Blade
Carabiner/Bottle Opener
Large Bit Driver

Locking Mechanism

The knife blade has a liner lock system.

Other Features

Carabiner with spring-loaded gate. The carabiner is intended to also function as a bottle opener. A spare screwdriver bit is contained in one handle, held in place by a piece of flat spring stock on the handle. The RX also comes with a carbide glass breaker flat bit.




  • Length open= 6" (150mm)
  • Length closed = 4-1/4" (108mm)
  • Width closed = 1-1/4" (33mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (16mm)
  • Weight = 5 oz (142g)



  • The Skeletool RX is just a rescue type tool in the Skeletool series.


Introduced in 2016. Made in the USA. Still in production.
The Skeletool RX is very similar to the Skeletool, Skeletool CX, Skeletool SX, Freestyle and Freestyle CX. There are also two keychain Leatherman tools that are based on the Skeletool chasis the Style PS and the Style CS. The MUT albeit bigger has very many similarities to the Skeletool series in that the frame is very similar it uses same type of fasteners and has a carabiner clip much like the Skeletool as well. The Signal also has many of the same similarities to the Skeletool as the MUT does.

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