Swiss-Tech Smart-Clip The Smart-Clip is a multitool based upon a nail clipper. As such, its main competition comes perhaps from the Wenger Nail Clipper. In keeping with Swiss-Tech's niche focus, the Smart-Clip has provision for attaching securely to a key ring.


  • Jaws are standard nail clipper profile.


  • The handles on the Smart-Clip contain a number of additional features, discussed below. The Ultra model has a brushed stainless finish, while the 9-in-1 model has plastic handle covers in a variety of colors.

Blades and Tools

  • knife blade 1-1/2" long (35mm)
  • nail file blade, with screwdriver tip
  • scissors
  • All three blades are accessable while the clippers are in the closed position.

Locking Mechanism

  • None of the blades lock open.
  • The nailclipper jaws are locked in the closed position by a sliding switch.

Other Features

  • A small LED light is included on the end opposite the clipper jaws. It is turned on and off by a sliding swith on the side.

  • 9-in-1 model has ruler graduations and a cuticle tool molded into the bottom handle.


  • None.


  • Length = 2-3/4" (72mm)
  • Width = 3/4" (21mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (15mm)
  • Weight = 1.6 oz (43g)


  • The standard 9-in-1 model has (various color) plastic handle covers, while the Ultra model has handles of brushed stainless steel.


  • Introduced in 2007(?)
  • None.

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