Squirt S4

Squirt S4.jpg The Squirt S4 came out in 2002 along with the Squirt P4. I imagine that these tools were designed as the replacement for the Micra. The S4 more so than the Squirt P4. Although they are very nice tools and are modeled after the Juice series type tools they couldn't dethrone the Micra. They did find a niche of there own and after 8 years of production were only discontinued because they were replaced with an updated Squirt design in the Squirt PS4 and Squirt ES4.


  • The jaws of the S4 are spring loaded scissors that are very similar to the Micra.


  • Stainless steel frame with aluminum anodized scales on the handles.

Blades and Tools

420HC Blade
Bottle Opener
Extra-small Screwdriver
Medium Screwdriver
Nail Cleaner
Nail File
Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
Spring-action Scissors

Blade Characteristics

  • All the tools are polished, the knife blade has a chisel grind.

Locking Mechanism

  • None.


  • The Squirt sheath is more of a sleeve type sheath that come in black and grey.


  • Length open = 4 inch/10.2 cm
  • Length closed = 2.25 in | 5.75 cm
  • Width closed = 0.75 inch/1.9 cm
  • Thickness = 0.38 inch/1 cm
  • Weight = 2 oz | 57 g


  • None.


The Squirt S4 came in a variety of colors in it's 8 year production. There were grey, yellow, orange, pink, black, red, blue, green and purple.


  • Introduce in 2002. Made in the USA. Discontinued in 2010.
  • The S4 has a few related tools, there is the Squirt E4 and Squirt P4 that both came out at the same time then there are the upgraded replacements for them the Squirt ES4 and the Squirt PS4. The Micra is first keychain tool Leatherman came out with so you can definitely call them related. The Style PS, Style CS and the Style are all similar to the Squirt line as well. They also have a very similar yet smaller handle/frame like the Juice series.

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