Toothill side-folder

Toothill side-folder

This scissor multitool has a design unlike any other. Rather than folding in the same plane as the scissor movement, the knife blades in each handle fold out perpendicular. It is a folding blade arrangement that won't be seen again until the Schrade ST1 Tough Tool of the late 1990's.


  • Made from carbon steel
  • Spring loaded, by means of a single flat spring between the handles (often seen broken or missing completely today)
  • Held in the closed position by a seperate nickel silver sleeve (see Other Features below)


  • Handle scales are mother-of-pearl, with a small nickel silver inlay, presumably for engraving
  • Each handle is in effect a small folding knife, complete with backspring for each blade

Toothill side-folder
note flat spring
Toothill side-folder
blades partially opened
Toothill side-folder
folded up, with scissor sleeve in place

Oddly enough, the two knife blades are slightly different:
  • One blade has a drop point profile, measures 1-1/8" long (30mm)
  • Other blade has a clip point profile, also measure 1-1/8" long

Locking Mechanism

  • The blades do not lock in place.

Other Features

A nickel silver sleeve was included to hold the spring-loaded scissors in the closed position. (note that the knife blades can only be used practically when the scissors are closed) This sleeve has been lost to the ages on most examples found today.


Some examples have been seen with a small leather pouch.


  • Folded length = 4-1/2" (115mm)
  • Unfolded length = same
  • Thickness = 5/8" (15mm)
  • Weight = 3.6 oz (102g)


Most examples have no markings. We have only seen one with TOOTHILL stamped near the plier pivot.


Based on the one example seen with TOOTHILL markings, we believe these scissors were produced in Sheffield England by the Henry Toothill cutlery firm. Best estimate of production date is late 1800's/early 1900's.

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