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Contrary to what you'd expect, all wirecutters are not created equal. As a matter of fact, the wire cutters on multitools vary a great deal, even within a single manufacturer's product range. Some of this variation has to do with a tool's intended use. Other times it is strictly about production costs. What follows is a brief glimpse of information about wire cutters. Please add more as you are able.

The following is a sample of wire cutters on a variety of different multitools. Occasional notes and commentary have been added. This is by no means a complete list


Wire cutters

Despite being a tool designed specifically for electricians, the 155EL model has a rather small wire cutter area.
Bear Jaws 155EL


Wire cutters
Gerber Multi-Plier 400

Wire cutters
Gerber Multi-Plier 600, Old Style

Wire cutters

Gerber really stepped outside the box with the wire cutter on their 800 and 700 series tools. They employed a pair of carbide inserts, each of which can be rotated with supplied wrench to three different positions as it becomes dull.
Gerber Multi-Plier 800


Wire cutters

In the early 2000's Leatherman introduced a new plier head for their Wave, Charge, and Kick/Fuse/Blast models. Along with a much stronger eliptical pivot, the new design had a larger wire cutter and hard wire cutter area.
Leatherman Kick

Wire cutters
Leatherman Wave


Wire cutters

The Paladin PT-510 is produced by SOG, and employs many of the same features as SOG's Pocket PowerPlier S44.
Paladin PT-510

Wire cutters

In redesigning the PowerLock for 2008, SOG decided to upgrade the assembly somewhat. The result in this case is the largest wirecutter section of any known multitool, a feature much appreciated by electricians.
SOG PowerLock 2.0


Wire cutters

The Vic Spirit has an odd arrangement of three different cutting areas on its wirecutter.
Victorinox Spirit

Wire cutters

Original SwissTools had a normal soft wire cutting area and a hard wire notch. Newly produced SwissTools sometimes have added a third option; an additional notch that is intended for stranded or braided cable. As would be expected, these three wire cutter styles in such a small area makes for a bit of congestion.

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