i-Quip The Schrade i-Quip is one of the more unusual multi-purpose devices to ever be produced. It combines a number of features into one large unit that some might argue would be better served by smaller seperate devices. Conceived at a difficult time for the once-mighty Schrade Cutlery company, the i-Quip and its sister the NaviTool were not available for very long before the firm shut down.

blades fanned
i-Quip, back
back side
i-Quip, compartment
lighter compartment
i-Quip, batteries
battery compartments
i-Quip, LED
red LED light
NaviTool -vs- i-Quip (2)
NaviTool -vs- i-Quip
NaviTool -vs- i-Quip (1)
NaviTool -vs- i-Quip


Construction of the i-Quip is basically made up of two seperate components. There is the electronics module, which contains all the digital features along with a battery to power them, and the main housing, which contains everything else. The two pieces connect by means of a quarter-turn twist lock mechanism.

The main housing is made up of two panels of aluminum sheet, sandwiched around a rubber-and-plastic center section. (Note that the metal panels on the i-Quip are matte aluminum color, while those on the NaviTool have a black anodize finish)

Blades and Tools

All the blades and tools lock open except for the corkscrew.
  • Spear point knife blade with plain edge. Measures 2-3/4" long (65mm)
  • Scissors
  • Saw blade
  • Combination flat phillips screwdriver/bottle opener
  • Combination small flathead screwdriver/can opener
  • Corkscrew

Locking Mechanism

A notch in the back of each blade is engaged by a spring tab, locking the blade open. It can be unlocked by pressing downwards on any of the neighboring blades.

Other Features

The i-Quip is integrated with a large number of "other features". The list is quite extensive.

Detachable electronics module, with the following capabilities:
  • digital clock
  • stop watch
  • alarm clock
  • altimeter
  • digital compass
  • barometer
  • the electronics module can be removed and carried seperately. It also has a backlight function allowing it to be used after dark. Battery compartment is shown in photo at right, requires (1) CR2032 cell.
SOLAS certified whistle
  • ACME Tornado brand, made in England.
LED flashlight
  • Push button on top face of unit to actuate. Requires (1) CR2032 cell, see photo at right for battery location.
Signal mirror
  • Protected in compartment beneath electronics module.
Lighter compartment
  • Note compartment is not waterproof. Designed for standard Bic lighter. See photo at right.
Belt clip
  • Large spring-loaded affair, suitable for belt or backpack straps, etc.




  • Length = 4-1/4" (110mm)
  • Width = 2-1/2" (65mm)
  • Thickness = 2-1/4" (55mm)
  • Weight = 8.7 oz (246g)




Announced by Schrade in late 2001, the IQ180 i-Quip won the Popular Mechanics Design and Engineering Award for that year. Production ceased in 2004 when Schrade Cutlery closed their doors.
The Schrade NaviTool is essentially a less-expensive i-Quip with a compass in place of the electronics module.
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