Excalibur pruners

Excalibur pruners The Excalibur pruners were imported to North America in the late 1990's. The similarities to Gerber multi-pliers is apparent, and the tool is stamped with Fiskars patent numbers. At a time when most multitools produced in China were of very poor quality, these pruners like all Excalibur products were constructed quite well.

Excalibur pruners
Excalibur pruners
back side


Jaws are classic bypass pruner style, curved to make branch and stem cutting easier. There is also a wire cutter notch located in near the pivot.

Jaws are spring loaded.

Finish is black oxide.


Each handle is comprised of stainless steel sheet bent into an S shape. This allows the tool to have both outside-opening and inside-opening blades.

The word EXCALIBUR is etched into one handle. Patent information is stamped alongside. MADE IN CHINA is stamped on the opposite side.

Finish is highly polished stainless steel.

Blades and Tools

None of the blades or tools lock open.
  • Plain edge knife blade with spear point profile (outside opening)
    • Measures 2-1/2" long (65mm)
  • Removeable diamond file blade
  • Medium flathead screwdriver
  • Square shank phillips screwdriver
  • Combination can opener/bottle opener blade (outside opening)
  • Saw blade (outside opening)
  • Small hook-shaped tool, with beveled end
  • Small hook-shaped tool, with sharpened end
  • Folding lanyard ring

Locking Mechanism


Other Features

Note the removeable diamond file allows it to be used for sharpening the knife blade or pruner jaws.




  • Length open= 6-1/2" (165mm)
  • Length closed = 4-3/4" (120mm)
  • Width closed = 1-3/8" (34mm)
  • Thickness = 3/4" (18mm)
  • Weight = 8.7 oz (244g)
The Excalibur pruners bear similarities in construction to the Excalibur Multi-Snip tool, the Paul Chen Multi Tasker, and the Zibermann 2000 plier tool. It is obvious that they were all produced in the same factory.


Some models do not have the EXCALIBUR logo etched on them.


Made in Dalian China in the late 1990's.

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