17 Function Multitool

17 Function Multitool Mountain Quest's 17 Function Multitool is an exact replica of KutMaster's MultiMaster tool, produced in China under license. As expected, fit, finish, and function are not up to the same standards as the American built version.

17 Function Multitool
Mountain Quest
MQ17, low angle close up
low angle close up


This tool has been seen with needlenose pliers only. Somewhat-less-than-crisp fine serrations are near the nose, a gripping area below that, and a bypass wire cutter area near the pivot. (No hard wire notch is included)

Being a "solid handle" design, one jaw is an integral part of the plier handle, while the opposite jaw is pinned to the frame with two rivets.


The solid plier handle is a single piece of cast steel. It has a hex bit driver in the end, and a "Locking L" tab to engage the blades.

The frame is stamped from sheet steel and folded into a channel shape. One side is stamped with the Mountain Quest logo. An inch/metric scale is stamped on the bottom side.

Finish is brushed stainless all over.

The plier pivot and blade pivot are rather unusual in that they use Phillips head screws.

Blades and Tools

There are five folding implements:

  • Clip point knife blade, 2-1/4" long (60mm) Stamped Kutmaster Stainless and CHINA.
  • Two-sided file blade, featuring single cut and double cut serrations
  • Saw blade
  • Sheepsfoot serrated knife blade
  • Can opener/bottle opener

Locking Mechanism

All blades lock open using a unique feature refered to as the "Locking L" safety device. Once a blade is fully opened, depressing the plier handle causes a tab to engage a slot at the base of the blade. This prevents the blade from accidentally closing during use. The method is crude, but effective.

Other Features

There is a hex bit driver receptacle in the end of the plier handle. It uses a small magnet to retain the bits.


A large, tri-folded nylon sheath is included with the tool. It has a pouch for carrying a kit of spare hex bits (also included) and a velcro closure.

Belt loop allowed vertical carry only.


  • Length open= 5-3/4" (146mm)
  • Length closed = same
  • Width closed = 1-1/4" (33mm)
  • Thickness = 5/8" (16mm)
  • Weight = 7.7 oz (217g)




Imported from China.
The 17 Function Multitool is an almost exact replica of the KutMaster MultiMaster.

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