Company Noks (means "Knife" in Russian) exists since 1998. Company specializes in development and production of silent weapon and special equipment. Some models are officially accepted for the armament of the elite parts of the Russian army and special units. This weapon recommended well itself with conducting of military operations.

Drawing on experience, accumulated in the military affairs, company lets out a whole series of the knives of civil designation, and also outfitting for the hunters and travellers. In this case the most contemporary materials and the technologies, developed for the defense industry, are used.

The production of company Noks has its design style, which sharply differs from the style of other firms. Noks does not fear to master new regions. It suffices to say that Noks is only Russian company, which in series lets out underwater knives and tool.

Besides the production of its articles the company conducts inzhiniringovuyu activity and are produced developments for other Russian firms, which specialize in the region of weapon and special equipment. Our developments and our articles are checked under the very merciless terms.

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