Personal Survival Tool The PST AKA (Pocket Survival Tool), stamped Leatherman Tool was developed by Tim Leatherman and is the first tool that came from the company way back in 1983. This tool changed the multitool world into what you see today. It came with 14 different functions in a 4 inch package and at the time to have a set of pliers in that small of a package was a big deal. Discontinued in 2004 the PST was manufactured for a total of 21 years.

Leatherman PST, black finish.jpg
Black Oxide PST
Leatherman PST, with crimper.jpg
Stainless steel cap crimper PST
Leatherman PST, black finish, with crimper.jpg
Black oxide cap crimper PST
Leatherman PST, 10th anniversary.jpg
10th Anniversary gold PST
Leatherman PST, improved plier head.jpg
PST with an improved plier head


  • Needlenose/Regular Pliers with Wire Cutters and Hard-wire notch (hard wire notch was only on models from 1996 on). There are also cap crimper models in both stainless steel and black oxide.


  • Stainless steel.

Blades and Tools

Ruler (8 in | 19 cm)
Bottle Opener
Can Opener
Hard-wire Cutters
Large Screwdriver
Medium Screwdriver
Needlenose Pliers
Phillips Screwdriver
Regular Pliers
Small Screwdriver
Wire Cutters
Wood/Metal File
420HC Blade

Blade Characteristics

  • The PST had 3 different knife distinct blade types over the years. First version had a drop point, second version was a saber point clip point and the last was a clip point.
  • None of the tools locked and had tool clumping. Over a 21 year period most of the tools evolved in one way or another and became more refined as the years went on.
  • All tools had a highly polished finish (some variations of the file had more of a matte finish)

Locking Mechanism

  • None.


  • The black leather sheath that came with the PST originally is almost as iconic as the PST itself. It is a rectangular sheath with a snap button flap and Leatherman is written in gold lettering on the front that fit the tool perfect. Over the 21 years it was manufactured however there were many sheaths created for the PST. A black nylon pancake type sheath, a camo pancake type sheath and many others.


  • Length open = 6.22 inches/15.8cm
  • Length closed = 4 inches/10 cm
  • Width closed = 1 inch/2.54 cm
  • Thickness = 7/16 inch/1.27 cm
  • Weight = 5 oz | 142 g


  • Had many variations but the tool itself remained essentially the same throughout it's 21 year production. Some of the early models had rivets instead of the normal knurled screw fasteners, those models with rivets were made in Japan.


  • The PST was produced in both stainless steel and black oxide. There were also cap crimper models in the stainless steel and black oxide as well. There was also a golden 10th Anniversary edition PST. January 2018 Leatherman released a Heritage limited edition PST for the 35th anniversary. It came in a presentation box and besides paperwork, a brown sheath that looked identical in form to the old black leather sheaths was also with it.


  • The first Leatherman multitool. Introduced in 1983. Made in USA and concurrently in Japan (1985-89). Discontinued in 2004. Second longest run of any Leatherman except for the Micra.
  • There are a several tools related to the PST. First off is the PST II, next is the Mini-Tool, next is it's big brother the Super Tool, the wacky Flair, the Pulse is sort of a mix of the PST and the PST II and the first Leatherman with a clip the Sideclip is also a close cousin to the PST. The Rebar is the tool that is suppose to be the replacement for the PST in this generation of tools. I guess technically all Leathermans descended from this tool.

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